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Get On Board

Release Date: February 21, 2019
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Captures the impact of music used in national workshops
After witnessing the incredible impact spirituals had in their presentations across the country, ValLimar Jansen and Tom Kendzia knew it was something that needed to be captured in the studio. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

Speaks to listeners of all ages and all walks of life
Ten of the most well known spirituals are re-imagined with arrangements featuring contemporary drum loops, keyboards and the “eSKape Singers” youth choir from South Kingston High School. ValLimar’s brilliant lead vocals put the finishing touch on an infectious collection that will speak to listeners of all ages and all walks of life.

Captivating, uplifting and soulful
The title track kicks off the album with a joyful invitation for all of God’s children to “Get on Board.” “Wade in the Water” exudes a smooth jazzy groove and captivatingly intense vocals that never seem to rise above a whisper. A thumping drum loop serves as the heartbeat to the uplifting “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” ValLimar’s soulful riffing in “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” will have listeners shifting from side to side and clapping their hands with this bluesy gospel anthem.

Fresh new version of “Come by Here” (Kum-Ba Yah)
An intimate percussion opening makes way to the delicate arpeggio of acoustic guitar. The choir anchors the steady pace of this song, while strings contribute an ethereal, ambient element. Effortless lead vocals playfully intertwine with each other, while piano runs and melodic inflections add dimension as the song builds through each key change.

Introduces timeless classics to new generation
This collection masterfully honors the rich tradition of these timeless classics, while introducing them to a new generation of listeners to enjoy. Youth ministers: are you looking for a way to get the future of your parish excited about their faith? Look no further than Get on Board.

Tracks: Get on Board | Come by Here | Wade in the Water | In My Heart (Lord I Want to Be a Christian) | Steal Away | Down by the Riverside | Swing Low, Sweet Chariot | Glory, Glory, Hallelujah | This Little Light of Mine | Go Tell It on the Mountain

This CD is dedicated to the life,
the work, and the memory of
Mary McCullough.

Producer/ Programmer/ Arranger:
Tom Kendzia

Lead Vocal Arrangements:
ValLimar Jansen

Choral Arrangements:
Tom Kendzia

Production/Administrative Associate:
Mary Carol Kendzia and Frank Jansen

Recorded and Mixed at:
Top Floor Productions